Packing your diaper bag is critical when you're a mom on the go. Sometimes it's hard to remember all the things that you need to bring with you. I recommend that you do a diaper bag check after any errand. When you get home, bring the diaper back inside and re-stock it so the next time you run out you are prepared. There is nothing worse than trying to get the baby ready and making sure a diaper bag is packed.

Be prepared as much as you can!! We put together this quick checklist for you to have so that you can restock your diaper bag!
Diapers: pack 5-10 to have plenty on hand

Wet bag: this is essential especially if you have reusable diapers, plastic bags work for disposable diapers too

Hand Sanitizer and baby wipes

Changing pad: Most bags com with it but if you want to have your own make sure it’s packed

Snacks: Pack some for baby, any siblings, and especially yourself!
Bottles: Bring as many as your think you will need plus one extra. If you are going to be out for 6 hours and baby eats every three, then bring three. Just in case you are stuck in traffic.

Breast Milk / Formula: Make sure it’s stored properly. Formula serving containers can be very handy.

Water: this is for you to drink and for mixing formula

Nipple Cream / Pads / Shield: If you are breastfeeding make sure to have essentials for baby, especially if you are a new mom.

Nursing Cover, if applicable

Blanket: Always have on hand just in case baby needs it.

Pacifier: if needed.

Wallet, keys, cell phone

Toys for baby to chew on

Diaper rash cream

Toys, paper, pen, crayons, coloring book: You may need to write something down or keep that extra little person busy

Extra clothes: Blow outs happen more than you’ll realize! Pack 2-3 outfits to be on the safe side. If you have a toilet training toddler, don’t forget underwear and pants for him/her too.

 I am sure that you are prepared but triple-checking can really pay off. The time that you aren’t prepared is when disaster will strike. That one time you are stuck in traffic for three hours with no extra bottle. Or the one visit back to work and baby has a blow-out. You will have wished you had tons of extra wipes, diapers, and clothes! It's even a good idea to keep extra diapers and wipes in the car.

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Download our free check-list printable by clicking here.  

Photo credit by @camp_patton - McKenna bag shown in photo