There are so many great products for moms to be. We wanted to share one of our favorites that we think you will love and enjoy. Ollie & Olina is a proud supporter of small businesses!

Have you ever had restless nights when you were pregnant? We have something for you. Bellifly is a pillow made for pregnant mammas. Pregnancy can be so uncomfortable; especially the further along you get in pregnancy. It is unique in that it offers simultaneous belly and hip support.

Sleeping while being pregnant is rather uncomfortable let's face it. Once your belly starts to get big enough to pull on a spine it is hard to sleep. This pillow solves that and helps mama get the rest she needs.

This pillow stretches in the middle so you can adjust your sleep position as needed. You will find that you aren’t in as much hip and back pain once you use this pillow.

These pillows are highly affordable and also have dual use. Once baby is born you can use it as a nursing pillow, or for support while feeding baby. Bellifly has a moldable feature to it; it's not comfortable to stay in the exact position all the time so you can adjust it as needed. It is perfect for those cluster feedings.

There are several variations for the pillow's ribbon; you can pick which one you want to use. You can coordinate the ribbon so when baby arrives it can match the nursery and nursery bedding. The pink ribbon goes great with our Bunny Heirloom Quit Collection. Who doesn't love a modern, coordinating nursery?