It can be hard to decide what is essential for a newborn baby and what is considered a luxury (not essential). Nowadays there are so many options and gadgets on the market to pick from. Many people spend thousands of dollars on things that are recommended to them from a baby registry, friends, or family. Half the time the baby outgrows things quicker than anything, which leads to not even being able to use the goods! It is wise to also make sure you keep the box it came in so that you can store these items for later use. You never know, there may be another baby in your house someday.

When you start to think about the items to put on your baby registry, or purchase, consider some of these items that are must have's. Many moms consider these items "can't live without items."


Sleeper or Bouncer

Having one of these can calm and soothe the baby, plus you can get some "me" time. Having a bouncer close by while taking a shower is great; the baby will be occupied by the mobile and music. Most of the times the baby will fall right asleep in there because it vibrates and plays music. This will only last and be used for about three months depending on the baby.

Pack and Play or Bassinet

You won't want to run to the changing table for each changing, plus you wont want to put baby in the crib every time. This is perfect for having baby close by mom and dad, or in the living room while trying to get some housework done. Eventually as they get bigger you will use a bassinet much more. The baby will love to play and sleep in it! This is one of the greatest must have items.

Breastfeeding Goods

If you plan on breastfeeding it is always wise to get the supplies and stock up on them. Even if breast-feeding doesn’t work out you can still use the bottles. The breast pump comes with a lot of things that you will need, it is great to go above that; have multiple flanges, connectors, membranes, bottles. Check with your insurance company to see how much of it they will cover.

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is essential this is just a must. As a mom you will be running around doing errands, going to the hospital, mommy and me classes, etc. The diaper bag will save you so much time! We wrote a blog post too, about the essentials for a diaper bag read more about it.


You won't be able to give the baby an actual bath until the umbilical cord comes out, but it is a must have. You will want a nice baby bathtub where the baby fits right into and you can have full control over. Bathing a baby requires attention and a lot of patience, simply because the baby can slip and start to move.

Boppy Pillow

These are perfect for a lot of reasons. You can use it for a cushion when you are feeding baby. Baby can use it for tummy time, or you can even use it for when baby starts to sit up. Boppy pillows have a washable cover so get a few prints to match your nursery.


These are referred to as baby pajamas. They are so comfy and will keep baby warm at night. It is recommended that there isn’t anything else in the crib with baby when sleeping to reduce SIDS. Making sure that the baby is warm while sleeping is essential. These sleepers are zip up and so easy to use. There are different kinds, colors, styles, etc.

Baby Wrap/Carrier

You are not going to want to put baby in the stroller every time you go to the grocery store. You are going to want to get some housework done, but not want to put baby in the pack and play. A baby carrier is perfect for these times. Baby will still be close by and you can get things done, it's like a match made in heaven.

Stroller and Car Seat

Most of the times the car seat and stroller come hand in hand. This is a wise decision to purchase both of them together. It is much more cost effective, but also helps to ensure that both can be used together. The car seat is a must have, the hospital will not allow you to leave without having baby in it. The stroller is secondary; however car seats get to be so heavy so it is best to just pop the carset into the stroller. We really love the Uppa Baby product line. The Mesa is their infant carseat and it pairs perfect with either the VISTA or CRUZ stroller.  Together they make a Performance Travel System that is the ultimate in portability and safety.


We have you covered here! You will closely monitor baby for the first couple of months so making sure that they are warm and cozy is important. As they start to get order the quilt can be used much more. In the first couple of months swaddling will happen, but you can do that with a muslin blanket from Little Unicorn or even a lightweight quilt. Plus having a burp cloth is essential since baby will spit up.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors have come a long way. There are so many different options for you to choose from. You will want to have a baby monitor that has video and sound.  This specific one: Owlet allows you to monitor your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels on top of the monitor features. It can put a mom at ease.

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