Often times as a new parent it is tough to know how much baby should be eating. There are endless resources for this. Keep in mind there really isn't a right amount of food, there are suggested amounts for what baby should be eating. Always consult a doctor first. Most of the time you can tell if baby has had enough by when she pushes away a bottle or spoon. Doctors will also give you specific information and charts if requested.

The toughest time for feeding the baby is the first couple of months. When breastfeeding it can be hard to tell how much milk they are drinking unless you pump and monitor how many ounces. You might worry that baby isn't getting enough ounces or the right nutrients, but don’t worry this is normal. They are!

According to Parents.com breastfed babies should eat every two to three hours, simply because breastfeeding is hard to monitor and requires them to get hungry quicker. Formula fed babies should every three to four hours. The actual amount varies with how old the baby is. The first month of age baby should have 1.5 ounces per feeding. It doesn’t seem like that much but the size of their stomach is small thus digesting can't happen like ours.

At about three months of age, baby should be having five ounces per feeding. Having baby on a regular feeding schedule can ensure a sleep and feeding pattern. At this age baby only needs six to eight feedings depending on if you are breastfeeding or formula feeding.

At age six to eight months baby should be having six to eight ounces of milk. Typically at this age 32 ounces is the most they should consume within 24 hours. You can start to introduce solids during this time frame if you think your baby is ready, or the doctor tells you to go ahead.

Between eight to twelve months baby is having more solids and you can mix in formula or breast milk into certain foods. Most of the time if you look on cereal or rice, etc there is specific instructions that are quick and easy to ensure that baby is getting the right nutrients. It is still important for baby to have a bottle with feeding and as needed.

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