The time has come where your baby has outgrown his or her bassinet and now you have to make the change to put baby in a crib. Sleeping in the bassinet allows mom and dad to watch their baby's every move and because it makes late night feedings a little easier. Making the transition is usually harder for the parents than the babies. We swear, you are not alone! Once you make the adjustment it will become a distant memory.

Many questions and concerns come up for parents once they make the transition to sleep in a crib instead of a bassinet. Is it safe? Will the baby adjust? How do we make this transition? When is the right time? All of these are questions that pop into every new parents head.

First of all, it is safe for a baby to sleep in her own room and in her crib. Some people never even use a bassinet! For example, my third child got very sick and was in Children's Hospital from 3 weeks old to 5 weeks old. By the time we got home she had been in a crib at the hospital so it was natural to just keep her unswaddled, in the crib at home. 

You want to allow your baby to have independence to help grow and explore. Always keep an eye on the baby by using your baby monitor to watch and listen to your baby.

Make sure that everything is out of the way and is secure. Don't give baby the opportunity to pull on anything or have loose items in their crib while sleeping. It's also recommended that baby should be put on their back for sleeping patterns. However, once baby is old enough to roll over and start crawling they more than likely will begin to sleep on their stomach. Don't worry! Always keep an eye on baby and monitor closely; this is part of their learning habits.

Most of the times baby doesn’t even realize the difference between a bassinet and a crib so they adjust rather quickly. However, make sure to introduce the crib to the baby before you try to get nights sleep. You will want to have them feel comfortable and safe. Simply allow baby to take a nap in their crib a few times a week before fully introducing the crib at night; this allows the baby to know it is their bed and isn’t used for playtime.

The time is right when you think it is. There isn’t ever a right time to do anything as a mom, you have instincts and know your baby. Typically the best time to transition to a crib is when baby is getting to big for the bassinet and can sleep for more hours during the night. This usually happens around 3-5 months depending on your comfort.