Documenting baby's first year can be lots of fun. Most of us aren't creative enough to do it on our own. It's nice to document the first time she walked, crawled, smiled, cooed, ate solids, cut her hair, got a tooth, got some more, how much she weighed at 5 months, or what immunizations she received. Not to mention her first sleepover or the first time you sat on Santa's lap or took a road trip! Sometimes finding a cute, modern baby book can be hard. We've looked all over the Internet to bring you the cutest ones around.


1. Emily Ley 2. Paper Source Baby Girl 3. Lucy Darling 4. Ruby Love


These books have a little bit of everything — photos, notes, milestone trackers and keepsake collectors.

Another thing we did was keep track of baby's first 200 words. If you use sign language and your baby can make the sign, count it as a word. By keep a chart for each of our kids, we caught our second daughter with a speech problem. Had we not kept a chart, I'm not sure how long could have gone by without really knowing she had a problem. It's also fun to look back years later and see what their first words were.

However you decide to track your baby's first moments, do you best and writing something down. You will be very glad that you have a special keepsake of those precious moments.