Finding out that you are pregnant is so exciting and fun. There are so many things that come along with pregnancy such as milestones. When you are pregnant so many things are happening and changing. Plus, you learn things about yourself, your baby, and life that you never knew about before. Here are some quick first trimester milestones:

Sharing the news with your significant other

Maybe you both have been waiting for this moment. Putting together a way to tell your significant other that you are expecting can be one of the best moments of both of your lives. Make sure that you are able to record this special moment.

Sharing the news with family/friends

There are so many fun and different ways to share the news with those around you! It is exciting to see their reaction so make sure to videotape the moment because you will want to look back on this. Also, be creative with the way you announce to anyone whenever possible it makes it that much more fun.

Hearing the baby's heartbeat

This is such a fun and exciting time knowing that you have a baby growing inside of you! At first this feeling might be weird but the heartbeat allows you to feel the connection to your baby.

The pregnancy announcement

Of course you make the pregnancy announcement on Facebook, etc that you are expecting. It is a great time to share with everyone else that isn’t your immediate family that you will be having a new addition soon.


The Sonogram Picture

Everyone loves getting a sonogram when they are expecting. It's that feeling of knowing that there is life inside of you. You are able to see your baby without actually meeting, it's a very emotional time.

Feeling the baby move for the first time

This is one of the best milestones because when you feel your baby move you know that your baby is happy and content. They tend to move more after they are feed and happier.


Well, no one likes this part of pregnancy. Let's face it you can start to experience this early on in the pregnancy. There's really nothing you can do about it either.

Morning sickness

You knew this was coming. Of course there has to be some negative milestones. We all dread the part about being sick, but it does happen more often than we like. You will remember that you were sick and what made you sick as you go on into the later months.

Sense of smell

Your sense of smell is through the roof; you can smell things miles apart. Just like morning sickness you will remember the good smells and the ugly smells, which will make you sick.

Food Cravings

The food cravings will kick in and you will want food constantly. You will really begin to realize that you are pregnant and your tummy is growing!

Keep a pregnancy journal so that you and your baby can look back on it in many years to come! It is a fun time that will be remembered forever. It truly is amazing to see how one person can change so much over nine months and have a baby.

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