When my first child was born I ran out and bought a Moby wrap because I had heard so many wonderful things about babywearing. Sure I had a stroller, but that didn't fit in the house when I needed to get housework done. And honestly, I loved wearing my tiny infant. By the time I had my second daughter I was wearing her even more than the first baby because this time I had a toddler running around the house too. Babywearing has many wonderful benefits and the baby wraps available now give moms an endless amount of choices!

Snuggle Time

One of the biggest benefits of babywearing is bonding with your baby. Babywearing allows me to be affectionate with my baby while on-the-go. Holding my child close to me in a carrier allows for extra snuggle time while chasing another kid at the park or unloading the dishwasher. You know that new baby smell, well being close means that you get an endless amount of it!

Better Sleep

If you have a fussy child who just won’t sleep; try wearing them! Most babies who are worn, sleep more. The constant rocking of the body and the warmth from your skin and the beat of your heart are all soothing vibes to you baby. When you wear your baby, the two of you move through your day together. You see the world from similar points of view. Your baby hears your voice as you talk to others, picks up on your emotions, and trusts you to provide safety and comfort. In cultures where babies are constantly in the arms of caregivers, infant crying spells are virtually unheard of.


Parents can increase their physical fitness by wearing their little one. Carrying an extra ten pounds and sitting up straight? Fifteen pounds? It adds up over the day. You are really getting a great workout.


As a working mother, balancing work and family life can be challenging. When my babies want me, they want me. They don’t care about meetings or deadlines. Babywearing allows you to multi-task by tending to baby’s needs, while also getting work and errands completed. Have older kids? You can catch a three-year-old at the bottom of the slide or help an adventuresome climber find his way back down while still having your new baby attached to you.


Let’s not forget about much needed mommy-time. I need to see my friends and have adult conversations in order to stay sane. Babywearing has allowed me to meet friends for lunch, attend music festivals, and satisfy a few shopping excursions. There are so many baby carries and they come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. This can be a fashion statement too!

Whatever your thoughts on babywearing are think about it a little. The hidden benefits are so wonderful. Sure there is a place for an awesome stroller (we have one of those too), but there are also great moments when babywearing is ultimately so beneficial.

Types of Carriers

- Slings with Rings: Slings are worn over one shoulder and around the parent’s body, with baby nestled in the fabric, either in front or on the parent’s hip.

- Pouch Carriers: Related to the slings with rings are pouch carriers, which go across one shoulder and holds the baby across the mother’s body in the front or back. 

- Long Tied Wraps: These carriers are typically 12 feet long and may be made of woven or knit fabric. Mother can wrap and tie the fabric in various ways depending on baby’s age and size and mother’s preference. 

- Soft Backpacks and Front Carriers: In a soft front carrier, baby is in front of mother, either facing her or facing out. These carriers are adjusted by straps or hooks (sometimes both) and usually have weight restrictions.