You’re a mom on the go and its tough trying to have your kids eat healthy all the time, much less eat anything at all. Sometimes you don’t even want to think about cooking because you are so busy and they never eat what you make anyways. There are days where you just want to give them anything to make them happy. You will find that this is the easiest way to help you stay on track, grocery shop, and even keep your sanity. Here are a few healthy food snack ideas for kids.

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Fresh Fruits

Apples, peaches, pears, oranges, grapefruit, etc. Make sure that the fruit is in a small enough piece for them to chew and doesn't have any seeds in it.


Carrots, green beans, broccoli, yams, peaches, and potatoes. Make sure that the vegetables are fully cooked and cut up into small pieces.

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Allow your child to dip their apple slices into peanut butter. This not only encourages self-feeding but also allows them to eat healthy.

Baked Wheat Crackers with Melted Cheese

There doesn’t need to be a large amount of cheese on there, just enough for them to realize there is something on the cracker.


Allow your toddler to have miniature muffins. They are super tasty and have a great texture to them. Blueberry and banana flavors go well for toddlers. Muffins are also an easy place to hide things like zucchini, squash, or sweet potato. Substitute applesauce for oil and cut back on the recommended sugar by a quarter. Kids probably won't notice the lack of sugar in the bread.

Yogurt Smoothie

Use whole milk, ice and any fruit to create this. Your toddler will love the homemade flavor. You can even involve them in the process of making a smoothie!

Fruit dipped in Yogurt

Pick any kind of yogurt that goes well with a specific fruit; show your toddler how to add yogurt on the fruit. They love creating messes as it is so now that you gave them permission they will have fun doing it with this piece!


Mash some apples together, add some water, cinnamon and create your own applesauce. It cooks down on the stove really easily.

Mac and Cheese

Introduce them to mac and cheese but create your own. Buy some macaroni, cook it, then add in shredded cheese allow it melt and you have created your own healthy mac and cheese. Here you can use wheat noodles, quinoa, or lentil noodles as well for an even healthier option.

Now that your toddler is changing, yet again, you wonder how much they should be eating and how often. You want your toddler to have six mini-meals instead of three main meals a day. This will keep your toddler happier and content; you will always want to give them a drink with each meal plus about 2-3 bottles a day. Just like when your toddler was little they need to be on a schedule so make sure that they have breakfast + bottle, mid-morning snack, lunch + bottle, afternoon snack, dinner, and late evening snack + bottle.  You can adjust the schedule to fit your own child's needs of course, but this is just an example of how your toddler's appetite will change. 


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