Having a child is a beautiful blessing. Let's face it though, we know that all the kids grow too quick and pass us by. Sometimes as parents we regret not taking one-on-one time with each child so make sure that you take time out of your life to spend some this week with your son(s). Lucky for you we have put together some great ideas for mother and son dates.


Visit a local fire station

Boys will be boys, right! Most likely they will give you a tour of the station and allow you to visit inside a fire truck! Boys will love wearing the fire hat and climbing inside the truck! Make sure to get plenty of photos because you both will want to remember this day!

Take him to a sports game

If you have large baseball team stadiums nearby take them to that game, such as a Yankees game with the full stadium effect! If you want to start with something small go to a local high school game and enjoy that just as much.

Visit a zoo

Head to the zoo that is near by you. Allow your son to get pictures of the animals, feed the animals, ask questions, and get a tour of the zoo.

Batting cage

Boys love sports, so cater to whatever sport your child likes. If your son likes basketball, then head to the park. Play their favorite sport with them for a few hours then go out to eat afterwards; they will appreciate it.

Go to a swimming park

If the weather permits your son will love this. Most boys love to swim and have fun at a water park. Allow them to lay out on the rafts and go down the slides. Make sure you enjoy the time with them especially if you love the water too.

Cook a meal together

It is never too young to teach kids how to cook and clean. Make it fun; tell them you want them to make you dinner for a change! Something easy that you can help with, but allow them to be independent. (i.e peanut butter jelly sandwiches, mac and cheese, etc). Stand right by them for any help or assistance.

Go to a local Home Depot

There are usually local events going around any town called "Kids Workshops" so check them out. Sometimes they have activities that are holiday dependent. They will be able to build things and interact with other kids.

Ice Cream

Go out for ice cream; who doesn't love some ice cream? Sit outside the ice cream shop and talk about their goals, life, and what other plans they want to do for the day.


Bowling is so much fun with boys, after all they love to throw things! Head to the bowling alley and have some fun. Sit down and enjoy some snacks at their cafeteria.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you have a bag packed for the day. Most of the events require at least three hours, if not more. Bring extra clothes, we know how messy boys are! We hope that you are able to have a fun filled day with your son!