It is important to spend time with each kid individually so that you can have bonding time and learn more about each other. Being a mother is the greatest gift that you can ever have, so make sure that you have time to enjoy it with your little one. We have put together a list of date ideas for you and your daughter.

Ice Cream Outing

Who doesn't love a little chocolate cream? Um, no one! Build your own sundaes to see how similar your toppings are! Don’t worry about getting ice cream on either of you either, really let lose and have some fun.

Pedicures and Manicures

Every girl loves to feel pampered so go ahead and treat both of you to pedicures and manicures. Enjoy the time together and pick out the same paint color so you can be twins! We started doing this for the girls' 3rd birthday but timing is up to you.


Apple/Vegetable Picking

Depending on what time of year it is, you can go and pick some apples together. You can also pick out vegetables at a Farmers Market or local vegetable farms. Part of the fun is learning where the fruit and vegetables come from.

Visit a Location Attraction

Find a local attraction such as a zoo or amusement park. Sometimes there are local events going on based on the season. For example Santa might visit the zoo, etc.

Theater Musical

In our town (and especially big cities) there is always an abundance of children's theaters or shows specifically for children. Find one that will interest your daughter and tag alone with her. It will be fun for both of you. Our favorite was The Nutcracker put on by a children's dance company (so the program is only 90 minutes and it's narrated to help the children understand the ballet).

Go on a Hike

There is nothing better than enjoying the outdoors and going for a hike. Not only is it great exercise for both of you, but is a great experience to enjoy. Make sure to bring your camera!

Go see a Movie

Go see a fun child-friendly movie with your daughter and enjoy some popcorn! After the movie follow up with her and ask her what her favorite parts were.

Dance Classes

Little girls are sugar and spice, right? Go attend a dance class with your daughter she will love and appreciate it. Plus you can get some extra exercise!
Create Art: Make some paintings or drawings together. Find something that you both want to create and work together on a piece of art.


Go Shopping

It's ok to splurge every now and then. Make a day out of shopping by buying gifts for others, buying gifts to donate (especially around the holidays), and maybe even have lunch together.

We'd love to know some of your favorite mother-daughter date ideas. We know that our babes grow too quick so make sure to enjoy their sweet cuddling time now before its too late. Make a list of items you can do together and then make a schedule so that you can both have a "date."