It doesn’t matter how old your little one is turning; birthday parties should be extravagant and wonderful! They only turn ONE once. Your child wants the memories that will last a lifetime and something they can look back on, so make each and every birthday special, unique, and perfect!

Hiring an event planner can make everything much less stressful. They are there to help you out and keep you on track. They can provide you with a checklist and help make sure you stay on budget. Event planners are in the business for a reason, they make memories magical. They will send out invitations, help you find vendors, and so much more!

We are obsessed with this beautiful princess theme from Bebe-A-Porter

You will also want to make sure that you hire a photographer. This is a critical time for you and your family and the last thing you need to be doing is taking photos, mingling, and hosting a party. Make sure you sit down with the photographer and go over specific shots you might want. For example if family is in town that you haven’t seen in years, make sure you get the big family photo. Candid shots of the birthday boy will be a wonderful keepsake too. Next on the list might be immediate family, siblings, mom and dad, and the cake smash.

We put together a list of things of ideas for you to do for your little ones birthday:  


Pick a birthday theme that your child wants and stick to it for everything. It is best to pick something that is universal and isn’t cartoon specific. For example think: woodland, safari animals, princess, or dancer themed; your decorations will work better with these options.


Once you figure out the theme and how many guests you'll have, the rest is a piece of cake. Create an invitation based around your theme. Make sure to cover the who, what, where, when, and RSVP on the invitations. P.S.  We LOVE the invitations from Minted. If you are in a pinch, use Paperless Post for electronic invites.


We recommended you have two cakes! One is for the cake smash and the other is for guests to eat and enjoy. Having one for the birthday boy makes sure that everybody is entertained and that germs are shared among the guests.

Love this cake from illustrator Bonnie Christine at Going Home To Roost



You will want some of the decorations to be themed specific, while other decorations should be solid colored specific around the theme. By mixing these options it will help make it modern and complement it well.


If you are a whiz in the kitchen remember to keep it simple. Family style sharing makes it all a little easier-- think small sandwiches, salads, finger foods. But let's face it, you may not have the time or energy to cook for the entire crowd. For this type of party it can be best to just cater the whole event. In fact have the event at a local golf course, restaurant, or pavilion where you can double dip. Double dip means having the complete venue AND having it catered. Now you have less to do and don't have to worry about clean up. In fact, sometimes venues will even help with setting up and offer event planners RIGHT onsite!


Your birthday boy is one so you have limited options, however there is still plenty to do. Set up a HUGE play pen, or ball pit area. Put a bunch of cool toys in there and let the babies have fun together. You can even set up an area for bubbles; this is easy and fun for babies at a year old. Have all the babies do crafts; set up finger painting, or coloring and let them create something. You can also do activities based around what season it is; if it is fall you can have pumpkin craving time, or water time in the pool. It is wise to set up tables, or areas, for each of the above and allow a group of kids to play at each area for a certain amount of time! Check your area for children's party planners. It's like having a babysitter onsite. They can easily organize the children's games and also take care of setting up and cleaning up.


Since you are having a cake smash, you will want an outfit for that and an outfit for the daytime. For the cake smash we recommended something cute that isn’t white. For the birthday outfit something that is embroidered and has their name on it. Don't forget a party hat, tie, suspender, tutu, etc. to help 'dress' them up!

We know that this is a lot to take i nand do, so make sure that you hire that event planner with plenty of time; they will be glad to help you and take it off your plate! Birthday parties are fun and exciting so make sure that you go over the top for your birthday boy's big day! They only turn one once, so make it good!