It can be overwhelming to think about your child's birth! You know that the time is coming but you aren't sure how to really prepare for it mentally and physically. Put those feelings aside for a little while, you will realize that you aren’t alone. While there isn’t one specific way to prepare for the birth here's a few tips:


Learn about the birth process

Know the different options for the birth, and know which one you want to use. You will realize that you might not get an option to choose as well, so be aware of all the terms and options as much as you can be! Also, be aware of the recovery process, since this is a huge factor of birth.

Get a Hospital Tour

Make sure that you get a hospital tour so that you know where you be staying and if guests have to sign in, etc. You can see if you have a television or what you need to bring with you. It is nice to know where you will be staying so that you can ease your mind and not wonder.

Pack Your Bags

This is a given and a must! Make sure those bags are packed well in advance and in your car at all times. Also, make sure that you have a checklist so that you can ensure everything is packed and ready to go should you need it.

Get on the same page as your partner

Make sure that your partner knows your birth plan, knows where your bags are, etc. Keep him informed through out the whole process. Make sure he has all your doctor's contact information as well.

Chat with your doctor

Ask questions to your doctor for all of your birth needs. Make sure that you feel comfortable and aware of the procedure for your birth.

Decide who will be there for the birth

This is a huge thing since most of the time people will want to be there for the birth. However, only limited people can  be there, so make sure that you tell your doctor who you approve to be there. Let your friends and family know that you will tell them when you are ready for guests.

Stock up on essentials

I am talking all things essentials. Stock up on diapers, wipes, pads, tampons, paper towel, toilet paper, food, everything. You wont want to be running out for these items after giving birth, so make sure that you have all the items you are going to need at least for the first week.

Most importantly RELAX! I know it sounds super silly to relax and I am sure that you are nesting. However, things are already in place and most of the time you cant control birth plans or processes so sit back and relax.