We know that errands have to get done and we all dread them especially when we have to pack up the kiddos! Sometimes a nanny or babysitter falls through, but we still need to go out to pay bills, grocery shop, pick up dog food, buy clothes, etc. It is more time consuming than it was before you had kids, right?

Life isn't as easy as jumping in the car anymore. Now you have to pack the diaper bag and get baby dressed and fed--- wait you have more kids too? There is no way around any of it, but we do have seven ways to help you run errands more efficiently:  

Planning is everything

You know your baby's schedule so make sure that you work around it. You will hate feeding the baby while out, so go around naptime or right after a feeding. This will make the baby feel more calm and relaxed so you can focus and get more done. We aren't saying you won't ever have to feed baby while out, but it sure it easier to get it done at home if possible.

Make a schedule

You know your errands that need to be run, so make a schedule. You can't do them all in one day, it's just not possible. Make a list of when you can go shopping. For example, if you know the delivery date for fresh meat and veggies, go grocery shopping on that day. Make your own schedule and accommodate how much time each store will take.

ALWAYS tackle the essentials

It can be fun to go to the mall, we know! However make sure that you take care of the important errands like paying bills, grocery shopping, etc. This will help you get things done so much more efficiently. Switch to paying bills online if you can. This saves you a trip out the door.

Plan a map

If you are running a few errands each day plan a map… which one is on the way home and which one is the furthest. This is just common practice so you aren’t driving around town wasting time and gas.

Keep a stroller, or wrap, accessible

Shopping carts are super icky. When you are running errands its best to either use your own stroller, with a carrier, or a wrap. If you just don't have the car space to pack a stroller then purchase a cart cover like this Boppy one to keep germs off. If that doesn't work then cleaning wipes come in real handy.

Bring supplies

You know you have to pack the diaper bag. Make sure you pack the quick essentials so you don’t over pack: diaper, wipes, teething toys, extra outfit, socks, blanket, pacifier, bottle or snacks. For quick reference, read our diaper bag essentials list here.


We are in love with this Lily Jade diaper bag for cruising around.

Bring a friend

If you are lucky enough to have other moms who are able to tag along with you then do it. It isn’t for the help necessarily but to keep you company; you need some adult momma time too and this is a great way to do it.

Online shopping

Of course there is always that option to shop online, hassle free and can get done much quicker than the actual errand running. If Amazon isn't your BFF yet then it's time buy her a drink. Amazon Family provides recommendations tailored to your family based on reviews and feedback from other parents shopping on Amazon. And hello? Diapers shipped to your door on a regular basis? Sign us up!

There isn’t any right or wrong way to run errands, just know that you aren’t alone in the struggle. Find ways to make running errands efficient and easier for you so that it can be somewhat fun. Always make lists to before going to run errands so that you stay focused and can be in and out quickly. What are some ways you make running errands fun and quick?