We know that going back to work and hiring a nanny for your little one is hard and nerve wrecking. We get it, but do the research to find the perfect nanny so you feel confident while you go to work.

Start looking for a nanny as soon as you can i.e. once you hit about five months of pregnancy. It can take a while before you find someone you feel confident with. There are some great websites such as care.com and angieslist.com that you can find nanny's on, you can also ask around from friends or family members. A local moms group can have an abundance of resources too.

Make sure you set up an interview with the ones you think might interest you. It is also wise to make sure that they are CPR certified. We recommend meeting with your top choices several times, and leaving your baby with them for a few hours before making any decisions.


Here are the top five things to consider when interviewing/hiring a nanny



When you go to a job interview you are expected to dress nice and impress. The same goes here; the nanny should take pride in her job. We don’t expect her to dress nice everyday when watching the kids since we know we have to change outfits often. However for the meetings with you she should take pride and at least show that she has kept up on her hygiene.

Interacts with your child

Your baby needs the attention and independence. Does the nanny start to talk and play with the baby on the first interview? Does the nanny ask questions about the lifestyle and schedule of baby? If the baby doesn’t want to go to her right away this might also be a sign. If this is the first time leaving your baby with anyone you will have to take baby steps and help baby get used to mommy being away.

Ask for References

This is really a no brainer. You are leaving your child with this person for an entire work day and you need to feel confident and trust her. When calling references you should ask any specific questions you might have. Make sure that things add up and pay close attention to their responses.

Schedule Requirements

This is a HUGE thing.. If the nanny doesn’t meet your requirements (hours, days, etc) then you will know to go to the next person in line. Be up front with the nanny about how many hours, days of weeks, etc. Also ask if there will be other kids, what toys they have, if they will be running errands, etc. You will want to know these things so that if you don’t approve of one thing you don’t have to waste both of your time.


I guess this is one of the first things you would talk about. If the price isn’t right then nothing else is going to be right. You have to find a comfortable zone is it going to be hourly? Is it going to be weekly based? What if there are days where you cant get the baby until later will you be charged? Make sure that you cover all ends of the spectrum and also ask for it in writing. You will also want to make sure that they have a 1099 form so you can deduct it off your taxes.

After the interview follow up with her. Let her know that you are calling their references and going over everything with your significant other and will be in touch in X amount of days. If you decide to not use someone who you interviewed, it's common courtesy to let them know so that they aren’t waiting around. If you need to set up additional interviews or want them to watch the baby for a few hours, now is the time to do so.

Relax mama, you got this.