So many moms-to-be get extremely sensitive, and upset, when the thought of getting a C-section happens; moreover when they find out that they need to schedule one. Feelings such as anxiety, depression, and nerves kick in. No one likes the thought of getting a cut in their abdomen and not having natural birth. While you can't necessarily make those feelings go away, we have some tips to help you cope with a having a C-section.



Pack a bag

You still need to have a bag regardless of how you are delivering the baby. Make sure you pack super comfy, easy-access clothes, and maternity outfits. Elastic and comfy clothes are a must after this procedure since you will be in some pain and won't be able to move certain ways. Bring your hygiene stuff with you; you will want to take showers, brush your teeth, and get somewhat ready for the day; this will help you get a positive outlook and will get you out of the hospital faster. Make sure to have the necessary stuff that you need for the baby such as outfits, blankets, hats, mittens, etc.

Bring a Nursing Pillow

Your incision is going to make it hard to breastfeed, but it is possible. You will not be able to move certain ways or hold your baby certain ways. A nursing pillow is a life saver and will give you the support that you need in order to feed your baby.

Freeze Meals

Make as many as you can before surgery; you will thank yourself. Cooking is going to be the last thing that you want to do so make sure that you prep meals and go shopping before hand. A few quick meal preps: banana bread, pulled pork, lasagna, pizza, cookies, etc. Anything that will freeze well, make it before your procedure.


Nesting is a real thing, so make sure you take full advantage of it. After your procedure you will not want to clean since you will be in pain and are told not to do anything for three to six weeks. Here are a few things to clean: vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, and clean windows. Make sure the baby nursery is fully ready and organized. Have everything you need for the first two weeks easily accessible (like diapers).


You will want to keep track of your baby’s eating habits and bathroom habits so have a journal handy. It will help you compare and keep you on track. The first weeks are critical for a newborn to ensure that they are growing accurately. Plus this is going to be the perfect way to make sure that your baby is getting enough milk. There is no way that you can rely on memory to know what they ate, how much they ate, and when their last diaper was; motherhood can drain you and this will help you keep your sanity.


Eat light, but enough

After you give birth you shouldn’t eat as much as you did when you were pregnant but you still need to eat especially if you are breast feeding. Make sure that you are eating the healthy food and nutrients you need especially if you are breastfeeding. Eat when you are hungry and provide your body with the extra nutrients that are needed for breastfeeding. A few quick things to consider are nuts, greens, and protein like meat or fish.


This is going to be your best friend. Wait until you get the okay from your doctor and you are past the six weeks it can take to heal. Take it slow at first making sure that you are not over working yourself. Sometimes your doctor might even put you in a physical therapy program to make sure that your body is recovering well. This is highly recommended so that way you can have the abdomen pulling feeling go away naturally.

Pain meds

Take your pain meds as needed; don’t try to be the tough person by not taking them. Your body will thank you later. It is going to take sometime for your pain to go away, pain meds will help the pain temporary. The doctors gave you them for a reason so use them, but don’t abuse them.  

Drink Water

You need to stay hydrated for yourself and your baby. Make sure that you are constantly drinking water while you are breast-feeding and beyond. Breastfeeding requires a lot of nutrients and hydration.

Prepare for milestones

Just like your baby you are going to have milestones! You will have a milestone for when you had your first bowel movement post recovery, first exercise that was successful, first night you can sleep on your stomach without pain, first time you can start cleaning again, etc. All of these things will make you feel like you are a human again.

Ask for help

Even if your family isn’t local, ask for help from friends or relatives. Many people may offer to help and at first you might be hesitate, but don’t be. Birth is something that requires help and attention. Sometimes people will make, or send, home cooked meals or deserts, thank them and appreciate it. You just had a baby and need some TLC.

Don’t worry

We know, easier said than done. Don’t worry about the little things like cleaning or cooking; this is only temporary and it will get better in time. If you really need something to be done ask for help until you fully heal and aren’t in pain. Focus on that beautiful new baby you have. The first days, weeks, and months go so fast (probably because you are sleep deprived) and you don't want to miss a second of this magical time in your life.