Have you noticed that many moms are now wearing their baby? It’s fairly new and modern. Unsure? Baby carriers are truly is a lifesaver. Think about all the times you are running errands, but don’t want to put baby in a stroller or cart, especially if you are just running in and out of the store! We put together a list of reasons why you should consider any type of baby carrier.

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It’s convenient

You don’t have to worry about fitting into small spaces/isles in a store or worry about picking up car seats and dragging the car seat around. It is also perfect for mom’s who are breastfeeding in public.

It promotes physical development

You baby is still connected to you, your voice, your smell, etc. Baby feels the walking, bending, running, which helps stimulates and regulate their physical responses.

Healthy for YOU

If you are carrying your little one around for a walk or even errands, you might find that even an extra 10 pounds can be a lot of extra weight! Getting back into shape and the extra calories burned by carrying around the weight of your child can help you get stronger by gaining your muscle strength back.


You don’t have to worry about someone attempting to steal your baby, ever. They are more likely to get stolen in a shopping cart, or even a stroller, than when they are in a sling on you.

Bonding Tool

Baby slings are a great bonding tool for both you and baby. It makes them feel close and connected to the person that is walking with them in tune. The baby is taking in everything around them: voices, senses, and even colors.

We know how important slings are for mama’s. It is tough sometimes to run errands, feed baby, and bond with your baby all at one time. All of these reasons above will make you want to add this item to your registry!