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Our Story

Expecting a child is one of the most memorable experiences.  Shouldn’t it be honored with an equally memorable gift?

When my first daughter was born, I wanted a beautiful keepsake that would forever remind me of those first precious months.  Using the sewing machine that my grandmother gave me 13 years ago, I created my first quilt.  Over time, my family grew, along with my love for creating handmade heirloom treasures.

New mothers deserve a memento of their children’s first months. A little piece of function and beauty.  The journey of parenthood spans many memories – from the time we bring our children home from the hospital to when they start their own family. From their first steps to that walk down the aisle. From preschool to graduate school. Wouldn’t you want to have a lovely keepsake as a poignant reminder of those cherished moments?

We believe that quality matters. We believe that our Earth matters.  We believe that moments matter.  And we believe in packaging that up into one unforgettable gift.

When you’re expecting, you can expect to remember it for a lifetime.